If you own property in New York State, you are eligible for formal review of your assessment.

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Current Members of the Board of Assessment Review for the Town of Geddes:

  • Richard Maestri – Chairman
  • Marc E Romanczyk
  • Donald Reeve



There are two levels of formal review:

  • Administrative review – the “grievance” process is conducted at the municipal level

The members of the Board of Assessment are responsible to review all Grievance Complaints on real property filed between May 1st and the fourth Tuesday in May, which is Grievance Day. Based upon the evidence presented in a Grievance Complaint the Board will determine whether a reduction in assessed value is justified.

Upon completion of their deliberations the Board will notify the Grievance Complainant or their designated representative of their determination via mail.

Judicial review

  • In order to pursue judicial review you must first go through administrative review
  • includes two options:
    • Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) – a low-cost option available to most homeowners;
    • Tax certiorari proceedings in State Supreme Court – to pursue this option, you should contact an attorney.