Contact Information:
Debbie Morrell, Director of Recreation
Annette Cregan, Senior Recreation Leader
John Carno Center, State Fair Blvd.
Phone: (315) 487-8238
Fax: (315) 487-8243

Town recreation programs are listed in the AbouTown newspaper, which is published three times a year (January, May and September). The AbouTown is available at various locations throughout the Town. It is no longer mailed to residents’ homes. Click here view the newest version of the AbouTown.

The Parks and Recreation Department provides a comprehensible program of recreational activities for all Town residents, and provides suitable facilities, equipment and qualified leadership.

The supervision of these programs is provided by our Recreation Attendants, Summer Playground employees and our various monitors and instructors.

The Department is also responsible for the scheduling and maintenance of our Park Facilities, with assistance from the Town Highway Department.

The Town is interested in offering new and special programs to its residents. If you instruct a class or have a special skill that might be interesting for a program, please let us know and we can discuss the ideas.

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