If you would like to discuss an ongoing dog complaint regarding a particular property, please call Andy Renshaw during regular business hours.

The types of complaints we can enforce by law are: loose dogs, unlicensed dogs, and noise disruptions. PLEASE know the ADDRESS you’d like a Dog Control Officer to respond to.

When handling a neighbor complaint, it is best for an Officer to relay the problem to the disruptive owner first. Most times, the party that’s being complained about doesn’t even know they were being a bother, and a simple chat resolves the situation.

If the situation is NOT resolved in a manor that the complainant is satisfied with , appearance tickets (for loose dog, noise complaints, and unlicensed dogs) can be given to the disruptive owner.

The complainant/party that is bothered MUST sign a violation form, in order to press charges (have a ticket issued). Once a violation form is filed and delivered to the disruptive party, it sets a court date to speak with a judge about the disruption(s). In most cases, a small fine is imposed if a Judge decides on a charge of guilty.

Please “calmly” call in your dog complaint  during business hours, so contact can be made with the neighbor. It usually only takes one to two business days to reach out and speak to someone being disruptive.