Town of Geddes Chapter 240 sec 42 is the fence regulations and read as follows:

SCREENING DEVICE — A permanent barrier, any portion of which is situated two or more feet above grade, composed of any material, including what are commonly termed “walls,” “fences,” “hedges” and similar structures or improvements intended to provide privacy and/or security.

§ 240-42. Screening devices/fences.

A. Permit. No screening device/fence, except natural vegetation, shall be installed prior to the issuance of a building permit by the Code Enforcement Officer.

B. Height and location.

(1) Front yard. Screening devices permitted within required front yards may not exceed four feet in height and shall be of an open design, such as chain link, ornamental iron, rail and picket, with a uniform ratio of space to fence material of at least one to one. Opaque fences, such as basket-weave or stockade, are prohibited within the required front yard. On corner lots, that portion of a lot contiguous to a public right-of-way shall be considered as front yard area for the purpose of applying the regulations herein.

(2) Side and rear yards. No fence or wall shall exceed six feet in height within required side and/or rear yards.

(3) Within commercial or industrial districts only, screening devices may be up to eight feet in height in side and rear yards.

C. Prohibitions. Barbed wire or electrified screening devices are prohibited.

D. Placement and maintenance.

(1) Screening devices shall be placed and maintained so that they do not project into adjoining properties and so they do not infringe upon any public right-of-way.

(2) All screening devices and plantings shall be maintained in a sound, safe and orderly condition at all times.

(3) All portions of a lot enclosed by a screening device shall be made accessible for fire-fighting purposes.

(4) The finished side of a fence shall face the adjoining landowner. The support side of the fence shall face the owner or installer of the fence. [Added 5-14-1991 by L.L. No. 4-1991]

E. Nonconforming screening devices. Where a lawful screening device exists at the effective date of adoption or amendment of this chapter that could not be constructed under the terms contained herein because of its height, visibility characteristics, location or any other requirement concerning said screening device, such screening device may be maintained so long as it remains otherwise lawful, subject to the following provisions:

(1) No such screening device may be enlarged or altered in a way which increases its nonconformity, but any such screening device or portion thereof may be altered to decrease its nonconformity.

(2) Where a screening device is damaged due to any cause, including deterioration due to the elements, or is declared unsafe, and the cost of restoration or correction exceeds 50% of the replacement cost of the entire screening device, then the screening device shall not be corrected and restored except in compliance with the provisions of this section.

(3) Should such a screening device or portion thereof be relocated within a lot, that portion which is relocated shall be subject to the provisions of this section.