Code Enforcement
David Balcer, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone (315) 468-3600 ext. 8

Welcome to the Town of Geddes Code Enforcement Department.

Our Office consists of myself, David Balcer, Code Enforcement Officer & Fire Marshall and our Code Clerk, Nadine Wild.  The enforcement of our Local Law ordinances and zoning can be quite challenging.  Some of the most common issues are unlicensed motor vehicles, uncut grass, noise, trash and debris problems.  Most residents and property owners are very cooperative in correcting problems when notified. Occasionally there are some cases requiring more formal enforcement activities, including the issuing of Orders of Correction or even court appearances.

Additionally, this office acts as a conduit to the Geddes Town Board, the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals and is responsible for making sure that the projects approved by these Boards are completed as planned.

It is our goal to respond to each and every concern and to act in a courteous and professional manner, at any time you feel you are not treated this way please contact me.

Thank You,
David Balcer

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Town Code Book

Zoning Board Guidelines
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Acceptable Inspectors for TOG