We are not accepting applications at this time, applications for Banners will be accepted for May 2025 starting in January 2025! 

We would like to start out thanking everyone who has purchased a Hometown Hero Banner. You have made the launch of this program such a success! The 2nd batch of banners are ordered and will fill the remainder of open spaces along West Genesee and State Fair Blvd sometime late July early August.
With that said, we will accept applications starting January 1st, 2025 for the May 2025 – November 2027 seasons. If you would like to be reminded please submit your information on this link and we will follow up with you in late December.

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****Please double check that all information is printed clearly and spelled correctly**** Applicants are responsible for submitting accurate information as the banner will read as noted on application. 

Once banners are printed, no changes can be made

List the Military branches as Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps or Air Force

For Clarification:

  • Residents can honor their military loved one with a tribute banner that will be affixed to poles on TBA.

  • Deadline for applications will be *** in order to get the banners ordered and displayed by Memorial Day. If we receive applications after the deadline, they will not be hung by Memorial Day but produced and mounted sometime in June.

  • If banners are purchased this year, it would be hung for May thru November 2025 and May thru November 2026. At the end of 2026, the purchasers will be contacted to either pick up their banner and it becomes theirs or the option to have it re-hung for another 2 seasons for $*** (price includes banner, hardware and freight charges). Town will store the banners during the winter.

  • The honored hero does not have to be deceased, can also be a currently active, etc.