2021 Property Tax Exemptions Information:

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Govenor Cuomo issued an Executive Order NO. 202.83, which makes it possible for senior citizens and persons with disabilities to have their 2021 property tax exemptions renewed without filing renewal applications, as requested by the New York State Assessors Association.

The Geddes Town Board granted under this Executive Order to eliminate the renewal requirement for these two exemptions on the 2021 assessment roll, the resolution will eliminate the renewal requirement for purposes of all jurisdictions that levy taxes on the 2021 assessment roll of that assessing unit.

This order will enable these vulnerable individuals to have their exemptions continued another year without risking in-person visits to their assessor’s offices in the midst of the pandemic’s resurgence.


If you have any questions, please contact our Assessor, Chris Russo at 315-468-3600 ext 4 or email: crusso@townofgeddes.com