Last Saturday for Transfer Station

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This will be the last Saturday (October 27th) that the Transfer Station will be open. **Please do not leave any construction debris, bulk items or yard waste in front of the salt barn, transfer station or parking lot at any time.

Curbside Pickup:

Grass Clippings/Leaves Pick-Up

Grass Clippings will be picked up during regular yard waste days from April 1st through December 1st as is the current schedule. All grass clippings MUST BE in PAPER BAGS, CARDBOARD BOXES or a container NOT TO EXCEED 50 lbs.  ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC BAGS! (Mulching is a better alternative)

All yard waste, other than tree branches, must be in paper bags, cardboard boxes, trash cans. (NO PLASTIC BAGS) – there is a 50 lb limit for barrels and bags Loose raked leaves in wind rows along your front yard(do not put in roadway) will only be picked up from October 1st through Dec. 1st. All other times of the year, rakings must be in paper bags, cardboard boxes,or trash cans. (NO BLUE BINS).