Traffic Infractions

If you have received a traffic infraction and would like to see a reduction of that charge, you have the option of coming to court to speak to the Assistant District Attorney to request a reduction of your charge. In order to do this, you should complete Section B of your ticket pleading NOT GUILTY to the original charge and submit that to the court prior to the scheduled court date. Once received, we will send you a court date notification to speak to the ADA.

If you do not live locally or cannot appear in court and wish to correspond with the ADA in writing, click on the link for Traffic Infraction Reduction Request Instructions. 

Please note that this is for TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS ONLY and does not include traffic misdemeanors such as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (VTL Section 511), Operating on a Suspended Registration (VTL Section 512 or 355), DWI (VTL Section 1192) or Reckless Driving (VTL Section 1212). Misdemeanor charges require an appearance in court. Failure to appear in court on a Misdemeanor charge may result in a warrant of arrest.

Should you have any questions concerning this process, contact the Court Clerk at 315-468-3613 for further instruction.