Q. What happens when there’s a holiday for trash pick-up?
A. The trash and recycling pick ups on the noted holiday schedule will be a day late. If your garbage and recycling pick up is on a Monday and the Holiday is on a Monday, all garbage and recycling routes for the week will be a day late. If the Holiday falls on a Wednesday only Wednesday and Thursday’s route will be affected.

Q. What do I do with my used paint cans?
A. Latex paint cans (dry out paint and remove lids) To dispose of oil based paints, stains, and varnishes make an appointment for OCRRA’s next Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. 

Q. How do I get a Blue Bin?
A. You can pick up a Blue Bin at 654 South Terry Road (Town Garage).

Q. The plow tore up my driveway, what do I do?
A. Please call the garage at 488-7705 to get on the repair list. Blacktop plant does not open until May, so we usually start after that.

Q. The plow tore up my lawn during plowing, will you come back to fix it?
A. Just call the garage to get on the list in the Spring for repairs.