• You must provide us with a current RABIES certificate in exchange for your license

• All dogs must be licensed to the house it lives at; there are NO exceptions, it’s a New York State Law.

• It is a dog owners responsibility to initially license any dog they bring home.

• Licenses are valid for 1 year at a time; you must renew every year that you own the dog.

• Licenses are $16 for dogs that have NOT been spayed or neutered, and $7 if they have been.

• Not keeping your dog license current can result in a citation/appearance ticket for a court date, with a fine costing more than the actual license. Besides being a New York State law, dog licensing proves your dog is vaccinated against the rabies virus, which keeps our community safe.

Full time Dog Control Officer Ms. Diana Fadden is available during the business hours of
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Office phone number 315-468-3600 x 320 or press *


Part time Dog Control Officer – Mrs. Tamara Keysor