If you would like to file a residential complaint against a dog owner or neighbor, please contact Ms. Diana Fadden during business hours. There are specific guidelines for filing a complaint.

The best way to approach a dog concern or compliant, is to speak to the owners first. Sometimes they don’t know they are causing harm or being disruptive.

Ms. Diana Fadden can help facilitate a conversation with the owners that are troubling you, and help explain the disruption.

If the undesirable behavior continues, the disturbed resident may fill out an official complaint/violation form.

The dog owner could face the penalty of a citation/appearance ticket (for certain offenses) making it so the dog owner has to come to court to explain the disruption to a Judge.



Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm
Diana Fadden

Email:  dogcontrol@townofgeddes.com
315-468-3600 x. 320

After Hours & Weekends: For Emergencies Only