Filing a Complaint

All complaints will be investigated, however only bonafide complaints (complaints where the complaining party is identified fully) will be given first priority. All anonymous complaints will be reviewed and a determination will be made whether it will be investigated.

  • Complaints can be made in writing by filing out the form available on this website or in the office, filling in all required information to make a fair & thorough investigation. We may need to contact you with questions or give you the status on the case.
  • You may also phone the Code Enforcement Department at 315-468-3600 ext. 8, if at any time you are unsure about a particular problem to see if it is an enforceable code violation. We will be happy to assist and answer any of your questions.
  • Please remember complaints are confidential, we do not disclose who filed the complaint unless compelled by the courts.

Limitations of Code Enforcement:

The Code Enforcement Officer will assist you in any way possible. However some enforcement issues may require referral to a different department or agency.

Code Enforcement cannot help citizens rectify the following problems:

  • Emergency situations that threaten human life or property and demand immediate attention -Call 911.
  • Private disputes between neighbors.
  • Situations which are not specifically addressed in the Code of the Town of Geddes or the NYS Property Maintenance Code.

Complaint Form