Important Notice Regarding Property Tax Collection:

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The Town Clerk’s office will be mailing out the 2020-2021 school tax bills to Geddes residents December 24th and collection begins December 28th. 


There IS NO NEED TO PAY TAXES IN PERSON! For everyone’s safety, please send your payments by mail to 1000 Woods Road, Solvay, NY 13209 or online at The Town also has a drop box located at 1000 Woods Road. The black box is attached to the brick located left of the double doors of the main entrance.


Receipts are automatically mailed back to the property owner and duplicate bills or receipts, tax info, and payment status can be easily obtained at a time from website. 


Most residents typically pay by mail or online and this year, for the health and safety of our residents and the Municipal Building Staff, we are strongly encouraging ALL residents to take advantage of these easy and health conscious payment methods! Even cash payments may be easily converted to a bank check or money order and mailed or the funds may be electronically transferred via your bank. 


Please note that, should payment be made in person despite the safer alternatives, those doing so should be prepared for extended wait times as the additional measures and precautions needed to comply with sanitation and social distancing will significantly slow our ability to process in person payments.  The current hours for in-person payments is Monday – Friday 10am to 2pm. 


Please share this information with friends and family who may not have access to social media and who can benefit from the lack of risk in paying by mail or online!