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I would like to commend the Town of Geddes Board the Geddes PBA and both Steel Workers Unions, for the hard work and consideration to the Town’s longevity and financial well being.

At the beginning of the budget sessions,  The Town was poised to take $850,000.00 out of Fund Balance or our Rainy Day fund. In the end we saved $750,000.00 due to savings in Healthcare insurance cost, and ultimately only had to pull $325,000.00 from fund balance to make the 2% tax cap.

Three years ago,  many people said the Town would be out of business by now.  NOT going to happen!  The Town of Geddes is here to stay and we will continue to work hard to save every dollar possible for our taxpayers.   Nice job to Paul Valenti, Robert Krupa, Mark Kolakowski, Jerry Albrigo, Ed Weber, Jim Jerome, and myself.  It is a pleasure and an honor to work with you all.

Thank you.
Manny Falcone Jr. – Town Supervisor

If you have any suggestions for the website, please feel free to send an email to Supervisor.

Again, thank you for visiting and we hope it was informative and helpful.

Manny Falcone, Town of Geddes Supervisor
Office:     315-468-3600 X. 1
Supervisor:  315-489-6855



Welcome to the Official Town of Geddes Website!


 8:30 am to 4:30 pm  -  Monday through Friday



 *** Please be advised during these snowy, winter months that our Highway Department is working very hard to keep your roads and highways clear to the best of their abilities.

It is IMPORTANT for ALL RESIDENTS to know that it is “dangerous and illegal” for anyone to push snow from the end of their driveways back into the roadways or streets after the Highway plows have come through.  This creates snow build up and icing and can create an accident or damage to your vehicle or cause personal injury.  In doing so, tickets can be issued to anyone who violates this law. (New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Highway Department at 315-488-7705 and thank you for your cooperation.



February 2nd through April 15th, 2015


9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Community Room – Town Hall

NO APPTS – Sign up Sheet Available on a Day to Day Basis and will be seeing up to 12 clients per day.

For more information please call Ellen at 468-3600 ext. 1



  We have many projects currently underway in the Town of Geddes.  Some include:

Construction of Dunkin Donuts at Farrell Road and John Glenn Blvd.

Delta Sonic estimated completion by February 2015



The Winter/Spring edition of the AbouTown is now available!!  Please browse through our PDF version available in the link below.  

Winter-Spring 2015




Justice Department News and Updates

  •  Change in Town Ordinance 220-19 (Parking) Effective September 25, 2013, there is a Change regarding penalties for parking, Section 220-19 of the Town of Geddes Town Code. If you are issued a parking ticket and you do not respond to the ticket by the scheduled court date, there will be additional penalties due to the owner’s failure to respond.The following is a Schedule of the increased penalties:
  • Number of Days from Issuance
    of First Notice of Violation
    Penalty in addition to the Initial fine and Mandatory State Surcharge
    1 through 8 No additional penalty, liable for the initial fine only
    9 through 30 Initial fine, plus first penalty equal to amount of initial fine
    31 through 60 Total of above, plus second penalty of $30
    61 or more Total of above, plus third penalty of $50
    90 or more Total of above, plus deemed an admission of liability, subject to the default judgment and/or towing and fees therefore

    lf you are pleading guilty as charged, your guilty plea with payment must be postmarked no later than eight days past the original court date. Failure to do so will result in additional penalties as noted above.

    If you receive a parking ticket and you Wish to plead Not Guilty and appear in court, you should notify the court immediately in writing of your plea of not Guilty and your intention to appear on the scheduled court date. This will avoid additional penalties.

    For additional information regarding this change, please Contact the court office at 468-3613.

  • Defendants can now pay their traffic tickets online (for all tickets issued after 1-1-06)!  Visit www.paycourtonline.com.  You can also pay your suspension lift fees.  A convenience fee will be applied.

February 2015

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This logo represents and portrays the Town of Geddes through the
State Fair, depicted by the Ferris wheel, the canal boat,
and our location in the Great State of New York.

Adopted by the Geddes Town Board on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Designed by: Nina Halliwell





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